Make Your Home Look Beautiful With Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities

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Making a choice of the right bathroom vanity in accordance with the size of the bathroom tends to give your bathroom a more organized look and feel. Storage gets easier and stepping into the bathroom no longer give a cluttered feel. You can say, these bathroom vanities work miracles and help you enjoy your bath all the more.

There is a wide range of options available in these. You can choose between not only the different sizes but also the different colors, designs, and styles according to your bathroom space. If you find hunting for these vanities a daunting task, you can conduct an online search.

Different Styles in Bathroom Vanities:

With styles like the traditional and the modern available in the bathroom vanities, you can select according to the décor of your home. This is obviously a big advantage, as you are not required to make any compromises on…

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Vintage and Modern: Make Your Bathroom Elegant and Chic

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Today, interior design is all about blending modern and vintage and creating a beautiful and eclectic space. However, pulling off that look can be a complicated task, especially in the bathroom. Bathrooms are usually smaller than the rest of our rooms and include a lot of hard materials, sharp edges and features you can’t go without. Luckily, if you’re in love with mixing tradition and modernity, your bathroom can also rock that look with a help of a few well-thought-out design moves.

Classic furniture

If your current bathroom is designed in a contemporary style and you wish to add some vintage charm to it, one of the easiest ways to do so is to use furniture. Mid-century furniture pieces like credenza or vanity cabinets made of full walnut are a perfect addition to every modern bathroom. Another great way to add a touch of vintage is to find a big…

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Victorian-Styled Interior Design & Imbue Your Home with Timeless Elegance

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With the hectic nature of modern everyday life making a negative, burdening impact on our senses, influencing our personal taste in design with futuristic, cold and depersonalized settings all around, it becomes important to trace back our roots and re-establish a personal connection with elegance.

Surrounding your personal space with timeless historic décor will allow you to have a retreat from the dreary reality of the outside world in the warm, welcoming arms of sophistication. The rich, enchanting and intimate flair of the Victorian Era creates a perfect interior that promotes positivity, creativity, peace and most importantly, your inner serenity.

Ladies, it is time to go all Victorian on your house!

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My Current Home Office

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Today I got a little inspiration from someone’s blog about capturing my writing desk and re decorating my home office. Because of all that’s going on in the world and we are required to spend more time at home I decided to work more on the bedroom side of things. I cleaned and re did my dressing table as you would have seen on my recent Instagram post I did a beauty post of YSL and MECCA and The beauty products that I own. I thought it would be a fantastic time to re-do a lot of different things and put some more ideas and perspective into how I go about my business on a daily routine.

First thing I did this morning was have my very first VALENTUS SLIM ROAST OPTIMUM WEIGHT MANAGEMENT coffee which I ordered through a friends VALENTUS business page, Faith Paramena.

It improves your mood…

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Olive et Oriel Protea in Overture No 1

To add With a neutral, peach and grey tones the Protea in Overture No 1 fine art poster is bound to be a beautiful native botanical addition to your home. This design is part of a series of four which look beautiful mixed and matched together.

Prints & posters

All Olive et Oriel wall art is professionally printed with premium inks on high-quality matte stock, resulting in beautifully detailed art pieces.

Note: Art is unframed unless framed option is selected.

Framing specifications & useful information

Olive et Oriel artwork is designed and made in Australia. Professionally printed in-house. Please contact them at if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order.

You can choose to have a white border and it costs $19.95 AUD.

Perfect for a dining room!

I would pair it with a white sideboard and could mix and match so many things but first, I need to do a mood board for my course!



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